Monday, April 28, 2008


Catching up with

Amanda hasn’t updated her blog with any regularity because
a) her computer has been taken over by a grad student
b) Netflix! Netflix! Netflix!
c) she’s lazy
d) she has become obsessed with books
e) all of the above

She decided to make up for this by
a) making empty promises to be less boring
b) making empty promises to post more often than almost next to never
c) making empty promises to put down the books already
d) creating this annoying quiz

On Friday night, Maya spent the evening
a) camping out in the backyard with her dad
b) watching Pinocchio for the eleventieth time
c) reciting poetry to her stuffed animal friends
d) eating actual food-at the table-before putting herself to bed
e) walking around on her tip toes

On Friday night, Amanda spent the evening
a) inside the house, away from her family. And the bugs.
b) watching a documentary.
c) ignoring her cat
d) ignoring the creepy, unholy sounds the house makes in the dark of night
e) yep, all of that sounds about right

Amanda spent Saturday afternoon at a wine festival (yea!) sampling wine from four local Oklahoma wineries. How many itty bitty teeny tiny cups of wine did the lightweight sample before she was apologizing to friends and furniture?
a) seven
b) fourteen
c) two
d) one

Extra Credit:
Amanda’s favourite Beatle is Paul and Justin’s favourite Beatle is George. Maya’s favourite Beatle is
a) John
b) George
c) Ringo
d) Paul

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Maya's got a duck on her head


Easter baskets, especially those shaped like little ducks, are for wearing.

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