Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Popularity has its price

Holy court date, I've been served! I have been commanded (commanded!) to appear before the district court in Cowtown. Soon. I'm sure you can't tell from this post, so let me just say: I am not excited. I'll have to remember to dress appropriately. No shorts or dirty pirate hooker stuff.


Experimental Girl

About mid-morning on Sunday I decided it would be a good idea to straighten my hair. Yeah. The girl who doesn’t usually do anything remotely girlie, who thinks she’s made great strides because she discovered pomade and has more than one pair of shoes, the girl who doesn’t iron her own clothes just decided out of the blue that it might be great fun to stand in front of a mirror (which requires one to maneuver in REVERSE) for a few hours to iron her hair. I started this fun project around eleven, two hours before I was supposed to have Maya at a friend’s house for an egg hunt. We were late (how do you girls have time for this stuff?), but only by ten to fifteen minutes, which is my usual window of lateness so technically I got us there on time.

Before I attempt this again, I’m either going to have to invest in a bigger flat iron or shorter hair.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007



So yesterday at our monthly All Staff meeting, I was marched to the front of the conference room and crowned Worker of the UNIVERSE! Okay, worker of the quarter. And it wasn’t so much a crowning as a pat and a handshake and a picture for the area news letter (which everyone totally reads). I was also presented with a nifty certificate to post in my cubicle as a reminder of my three-month term. One of my favorite things about the certificate is the duplication of the word 'selects', as in 'Osage County DHS selects selects Amanda M as Family Services Worker of the Quarter'. I dig the suggested emphasis. My second favorite thing is that it was signed and dated April of 2006, so it's like it was pre-destined to happen, which is really freakin' awesome. So thank you, anonymous, for thinking I was worthy of a nomination, and to all my friends in ERC who made it possible: You. are. swell. The lot of y'uns. Cheers!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Who's that girl?

Every now and then when I'm whoring out my photography, someone (a friend, a co-worker, my own mother) will point to one of my portraits and ask, who's that? When I tell them it's me, they usually scrunch up their face and lean in closer and look from me to the picture and back again before concluding, aloud, that, no, it doesn't look like me. Not really. And this always surprises me, because the girl in the picture? is so obviously me. But then last week, as I'm scrolling through the pictures I've uploaded, I come across these two portraits.

And I pause and scrunch up my face and catch myself thinking, who's that girl? and I call people into the room for a second opinion, to see if they recognize her, because it just doesn't look like me. Not really.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Now, stand on your head

So, Maya barged in on me yesterday while I was using the bathoom. We haven't worked on privacy and personal space just yet, so any door that happens to be pulled to but not securely shut? open invitation for company from Little Girl. To distract her from her usual urges to hang on me and to crawl up into my lap, I asked her to find things. Like her head or her belly button or her ears. And we counted: ten fingers, two eyes, two feet, one nose but TWO nostrils. And so on until two whole minutes had passed and Maya was getting bored. So we got more active. Jump! I'd say. And Maya would jump. Touch your nose! And she'd find her nose, squishing it flat to her face with her finger. Stand on one foot! Nothing. Stand on one foot! Finally, Maya walked over to me, steadied herself by holding onto my leg, and stood with both feet on my right foot.

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