Saturday, October 03, 2009


Part of my evening went like this

So, Maya is curled up beside me on the couch, sipping apple juice from a regular, non-sippy cup cup (yay!) while watching the Grinch as he grinches the Cat in the Hat. A few minutes into the show, I notice that Maya has gone from sipping the apple juice to swishing it, but I choose to ignore this, mainly because she spent part of her afternoon scrubbing the living room floor for fun. No really. Of all the options I gave her (chalk? play games at draw? video? nap? clean the floor? ) she gets excited about cleaning the floor. Consequently, this makes me ridiculously excited for the future and makes me think all that time she wasted watching Cinderella is starting to pay off. I mean, who cleans for fun? Apparently, my kid. Anyway, she's sitting and swishing and I'm ignoring until I feel a splat of apple juice on my arm, which has been around her all this time, and Maya gets very still. I'm no longer ignoring, obviously, but I still don't say anything and in the silence I can tell she's debating what to do. Finally, she speaks. "Mom, I spit apple juice on your arm." "Yeah." "Don't worry. I'll lick it off." And she leans over and licks my arm and takes another sip. Told you she likes to clean.

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