Thursday, July 31, 2008


Where's your head at?

Him: Is there something -
Her: I know. It has a wang. I licked it.
Him: ...

Her: Man. I can still feel that ginger on my tongue.

Last weekend, I convinced Justin that going out for Japanese food at Fuji before our nine o'clock movie was a good idea. After dinner, he convinced himself that he is finally finished with Japanese cuisine. Not that he hasn't given it a good go, or that he didn't enjoy his salmon, it's just not for him... and by it, I assume he means the sushi, which is a shame because I've really started to enjoy sushi rolls. Or am at least getting used to them, the whole two different kinds I've had.

That's too bad. I love sushi so much. Though I did check the link to the restaurant, and I only saw three choices of veggie rolls. So that's probably not a good restaurant for me.

And for the record, I also love pickled ginger. But I think it might be an aquired taste.
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