Saturday, May 10, 2008


Cage & Aquarium

Last weekend we went to the zoo. Without any cash. But that's another story that ended with the three of us NOT being able to get into the interactive new bird exhibit, Feather Fest, because it was an additional $2. I was silly and thought the exhibit was free with admission or something, so when the woman at the entrance took our money and only asked if we'd like to plunk down a little extra to ride the train, and what parent with a train-obsessed (almost) 4-year-old in the family is going to say Nah, skip it?, I didn't think about the cost for Feather Fest. Because I didn't think there was one.

So, we rode the train and watched the sea lions do their thing and we walked over to the bears where Maya told us all about spectacled bears and how they eat fruta (thanks, Diego!). At the penguin exhibit, one of the penguins swam over to say hello. The penguin followed Maya as she walked back and forth in front of the tank.

He seemed to be taken with her, or maybe he just thought she had some fish tucked away in her pockets.

Her most favorite part of the zoo visit, she said, was the jaguar. Usually the jaguar is hiding out, lounging in a shady corner or on a large tree limb, but that day he was roaming the perimeter of his living space, and each circuit brought the jaguar

right by the front of the exhibit, sometimes within a few inches of the glass. Which is pretty cool, but a little disconcerting. Unless you're a little kid, then it's just cool.

So we get back home and we're tired but happy and while we're winding down, talking about our day and what we liked best, Maya says: Baby seals can’t be too careful, you know. Well, sometimes they can. Sometimes they can but don’t. Sometimes they can and dry up. And that was my favorite part of the day.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Highway 51 Blues

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