Friday, August 31, 2007


Because snot & kleenex? Not enough of a hint.

Dude, I MUST be sick. I just realized I haven't dropped in to read Alice in over a week. Or Dooce! Okay, three or four days between visits at, but still. Well Nanda doesn't do stuff like that. Well Nanda checks all the blogs in her blogroll, obsessively, sometimes two or three times a day, even blogs that haven't been updated in months! because you just never know. Something might be there! Or not! Wow. Well Nanda needs to get a new hobby. Or, actively pursue her other one. Wait, is reading a hobby? Then ones. Other ones.


Tell me the story about owl and dragon and me

Maya loves stories, especially any in which she happens to be a part. Several times a day, Maya will request a story. Mom, tell me a story about you and me and my pony, Butterbell! Or, Mom, tell me a story about me and George and uncle Jason and the lake! Or, Tell me a story about you and me and Dad and lots of fruta! Or, her favorite, Tell me the story about you and me and Dad when you pooted and Dad pooted and I pooted and we all pooted together! (we have Dad to thank for that one).

Last night, Justin and Maya were telling stories using a neato little magnetic puzzle board which has character pieces, including an owl and dragon and knight and wizard and princess and squire. This was Maya's story:

Once upon a time, there was an owl at night. Hoo, hoo. Along came a big, green dragon. It was going to eat that owl. Along came Maya; she came to rescue the owl. She tickled the dragon. She saved the owl. The end.

She has added this to her list of stories she likes us to tell. We told it twice last night before bed.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007



I'm sick. My nose has been producing an impressive amount of snot over the last week, and a few days ago cough was added to my short list of symptoms, which was previously limited to three: sniffling, stuffy head, and goo factory. Coughing, it hurts me.

I've discovered that certain things become more of a challenge when your nose doesn't work. For instance, it is harder to sleep or tell knock knock jokes or ride a bike (heck, just thinking about it this evening made me wheeze) or whistle the theme to Coupling or to sniff your daughter's stank toes or, say, beat box. I've been trying to learn through Biz's Beat of the Day, and this cold has kind of set me back a bit. And I like to dance as much as the next kid, but there's no WAY I'll be able to keep up with Oskar until I feel better.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Driving and crying

I spent last weekend with Katie and Rick in Oklahoma City. I pestered them about the baby and baby names and the nursery, they treated me to a movie and Indian food and a book store and trivial pursuit. We laughed, we cried, we stayed up waaay too damn late. I'm so very glad they let me invite myself over.

On the way home from OKC, driving the final stretch of Highway 60 between Ponca City and home, I was looking around, listening to music, thinking random thoughts, when I noticed the sky, which was a brilliant blue, and the clouds and the patches of light and shadows across the fields and rolling hills, and the quiet (that I imagined) outside my car and I was so moved by it all that I actually started crying. I started crying because it made me think about God. More specifically, it made me think about God and the act of creating and God being present within and throughout His creation (including us), about God's presence in everything, everywhere, all around me, constantly, and how it is in God that we live and move and have our being. I have felt distant from God (off and on, but lately more on than off) for a while, and my experience on the drive home was really... hopeful. It reminded me that God does not withdraw his presence even if/when we distance ourselves. And it made me realize that because of God's omnipresence and God in all, I am surrounded by God, I am part of God, God is part of me, and I remember thinking it would be okay to go ahead and let go, even in death, because I will return to God. And that was very comforting.

Thanks for the great weekend.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Sad songs (say so much)

I love this damn song, but it makes me cry almost every time I hear it.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Right on.

My photograph has been viewed 13 times and has now received TWO votes. Sure, one of those two votes is mine. But, hey, it was allowed. So, yeah. Anyway. Voting is open until August 8.


Things she said today

Before eating her first SweeTart ever (courtesy of one birthday goodie bag from her cousin's party), Maya climbed up into my lap and said: Candy makes your tongue feel good. Like juice. She then spent the next five minutes trying to explain the difference between a moose and a mess, and then moved on to a story about a man whose doorbell makes him very cross.

Friday, August 03, 2007


One pair of matching bookends


The waiting is the hardest part

I’ve been an online member at JPG Magazine for several months now. Long enough to see at least three issues to which I could have contributed come and go. Buuuut... Earlier this week, I finally got brave, riffled through my stash, and submited a photograph for consideration in an upcoming issue -a whole thirty minutes before deadline, but, whatever. I'm all about the procrastination and pressure, and really if I'd had much more time to think about it, I'd have talked myself out of contributing. Again.

Now, I’m at the mercy of other JPG members, and the editors. Fellow JPGers vote on all the submissions after a theme closes, and the ones that get the most attention from the community typically get published. There are typically three themes for each issue. This issue, the themes are Family, Fashion, and Creative License. I submitted a photograph, At the Zoo, for Family. And now I'm waiting and voting and trying not to think about which of my photographs would have made better entries or the number of votes I'm not getting or the fact that my shot looks more and more mediocre the further into the 376 pages of submissions I go.

I don't really expect my photograph to be chosen for the issue (it's really not going to get much exposure since I entered so late). Mostly, I'm glad I was finally able to make myself contribute. Plus, I think the themes will encourage me to pick up my camera, leave the house more. And, hey! I think I can scratch off another item from my list of 2007 resolutions! Sweet.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


The Dane 5.0

This is my nephew.

Today he's FIVE!

Happy fifth birthday, Adain!

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